The Mediation Option

Our divorce attorneys also offer a Mediation option. We have been expanding our mediation practice to meet the needs of these clients. They are often pleasantly surprised that resolution was reached, and that a court hearing was averted. Successful mediation not only keeps control of the outcome with the parties, but it may serve as a demonstration that the parties can communicate and resolve issues on their own.

When Mediation is Right for You

We know that there are times when mediation is beneficial, and times when it is not the right option for you.

Mediation might be right for couples that:

  • Are willing to compromise.
  • Want the best for their children.
  • Want to resolve differences timely.

When mediation is done in an honest and confidential setting with both parties willing to work through their matters, court cases can be avoided, money can be saved, and disputes can finally come to an end.

Mediation Services in Anoka

Decades of experience allows us to move seamlessly through the mediation process and resolve your family matter issues efficiently and effectively. Key matters that will be discussed include:

  • Assets: The distribution of assets is often a major hurdle in mediation. Both parties must be willing to compromise.
  • Child Custody: When children are involved, child custody matters will need to be discussed and resolved amicably.
  • Child Support: The non-custodial parent may need to provide monetary support to the custodial parent. These matters can be discussed.
  • Parenting Time: An agreement on parental time will need to be made.

Mediation will allow you to proceed through your divorce quickly and without costly court hearings.

BGS Mediation Attorney

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